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Most people don't realize that most of roadside breakdowns are the result of lack of proper maintenance. The modern vehicle is a highly complex machine and most processes are computer controlled. At Westside Auto Repair, even a simple oil change is handled with a level of expertise that leaves little to worry about.



Tune-ups and brake jobs are two terms that most people are familiar with. The term tune-up historically has meant replacing the spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor and setting the engine basics such as timing and fuel to air ratio. If you have a model year 1974 vehicle then that term still holds true. If you own a 2012 model for instance, tune-up means something a little more complex.

Brakes still involve replacing the brake pads or shoes and resurfacing or replacing the rotors. We always use the factory guidelines for rotor or drum resurfacing.


No matter what type of car you drive, maintaining proper levels of fresh fluids such as engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, clutch fluid, and differential gear oils are all essential for your car to work properly. At Westside Auto Repair, we always check and fill all your fluids, and check belts and hoses when we change your engine oil and filter, all for about $45.

We can always provide a written estimate for repair work if you need something besides an oil change or if your hoses or belts need changing.


We can take care of any suspension work you need. We don't do a lot of customization or modification work such as lowering or lifting, but we do install the best quality original equipment style shocks, springs, and struts, and can fix any steering issue such as tie rod ends, sway bars, sway bar links, bushings, bearings, whatever you need.

We do on occasion install customer provided parts but our warranty on such work is on installation only and not on the part. If we provide the part, then we can warranty the part and installation together.

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