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We pride ourselves on the level of expertise we can provide to fix your car correctly the first time. We also strive each day to be aware of the needs of our customers. We make every effort to be flexible with drive-in visits, or if you like we can schedule you a formal appointment or make drop-off arrangements.



No one likes it when their car lets them down. When your daily driver won't take you where you want to go it can be extremely frustrating. If your car won't start or run don't panic, just call us. Sometimes the smallest adjustment or just a few minutes in the shop and you could be back on the road. If it is a major problem, we can fix it.



Automotive electrical repair work is something that takes years to master and many automotive repair shops sublet their electrical work. At Westside Auto Repair, we make sure electrical work is a strong point instead of our weakness. We stay up to date with new computer control systems.



We can tighten a loose bolt or we can remove your gas engine and rebuild it. Call us or stop by, you will be surprised how reasonable our prices are for major engine overhauls and head rebuilding. We also have the skill to complete the most complex timing belt or chain replacement, on even the most sophisticated cars.




Juan has changed more clutches than he can remember. Most people think of losing their vehicle for a week at time for clutch repair. Not at Westside Auto repair. Even without an appointment, we can change out a clutch professionally and correctly most cases next day. CV joints always same day.



Proper brake installation is critical to your safety and the safety of your passengers. That is why we use the best brake parts and hardware and never skip steps. We road test all brake work to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

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